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Updated: May 24, 2006 8:27pm PST

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Welcome to this Slice of my Life.

My name is Samantha Jane, I am a photographer and performance poet. I hope your experience viewing the featured images brings you moments for contemplation and perhaps joy. My intention is to convey "moments of reverence" as I experience them, and to share this experience. I enjoy capturing "moments of mischief" as well. The site features only a small portion of my portfolio. (Some of the best images are not public at this time.)

I am honored to have had my work recognized with awards at The Marblehead Arts Association, most recently one juried by a curator of 20th century photography at Harvard's Fogg Museum. My images are often compared to paintings and have been juried into many shows -- including Deval Patrick’s inaugural ball -- and chosen for private collections. My poetry featured on KUNM's "Peace Talks" has been heard across the country on NPR. I am an active member of the StarArts colony at the Isles of Shoals, Somerville Open Studios, The National Poetry Slam and numerous other arts/music/spiritual organizations and communities.

Photography and Poetry is a part of my daily meditation practice. I am delighted to reach out this way and touch hearts and souls.

The site is intended to give you a taste of my work. It also houses galleries of photos where I have chronicled the lives of friends, families and strangers. Some of those galleries my be locked for privacy reasons (weddings, etc.)

Please feel free to leave a comment on a gallery or photo here, or send me an email at samajane -at symbol- comcast -dot- net. There have been tens of thousands of hits on these pages, but I have no Idea who you are, so do leave a comment or email me! : )

Thanks for visiting! Wishing you every blessing ~Samantha Jane

All images copyright 2002-2012 Samantha Jane Scolamiero, may not be downloaded, copied or otherwise reproduced without permission.

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